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Providing comprehensive range of BIM services

VEHA is a trusted engineering service to the construction industry. Whether you are a builder, a general contractor, or an architect, VEHA can fulfill your project requirements with tailored and customized solutions ranging from design development to As-built BIM modeling. With its engineering center located in India VEHA delivers a proven combination of accuracy, affordability, and timeliness in all of its project undertakings. Leveraging the latest technology and practices in the AEC industry such as Integrated BIM / ACC Project Delivery (IPD), we help our clients ranging from construction companies to product manufacturers, realize their goals within the predefined standards, timelines, and budgets thereby ensuring a maximum return on investment on every project. With more than a decade of experience, we understand that the requirement of every client is unique and therefore invest a good amount of time and effort to learn their standards and procedures. Our delivery approach bridges the gap between the concept and constructability of a building design through virtual modeling. We follow a system-driven production process complemented by a streamlined quality assurance program to ensure that the project objectives are met. Working as a virtual extension of the client’s team, we empower our clients to focus on their core business without having to worry about their drafting or modeling needs.


Digital twins are digital replicas of physical structures, buildings, integrating various inbuilt sub-structures, systems and devices. Comprehensive digital twins of building projects are generated to simulate their coordinated functionality and utility in real time to gain valuable insights into their performance and profitability before construction. They are developed using multiple technologies such as virtual and augmented reality as well as 3D graphics and BIM modeling. Digital replicas enable expedition and automation of project design, production, construction, and operation as well as provide essential support for prefabrication of components or assemblies. Smart components such as sensors attached to the actual physical structure or object gather comprehensive real-time data such as physical & and geospatial parameters, manufacturing data and operational data. This set of data is then transmitted to the digital twin for real-time monitoring.
Automated Progress Tracking
It is crucial to track site work progress in order to make sure that construction is consistent with the design drawings and specifications. Progress monitoring verifies that the completed work is consistent with plans and specifications. Digital twin automates the whole process of progress tracking and identifying issues and inconsistencies eliminating the need for As-built 3D scanning or mark-ups. The progress model and design model are constantly synced in real time allowing Project Heads to monitor site progress continuously. They can also take steps towards preventing similar mistakes from occurring in the future and make necessary adjustments in schedules and budgeting.
Resource Planning & Management
Utilization of digital twin technology enables optimum utilization of resources at all stages of construction overcoming the frequently occurring problem of over-allocation and wastage. Discrepancies between labor cost and budget are predicted in advance so that necessary corrections can done at an early stage.
Site Risk Identification
Digital twin simulation has the capability to predict and thereby prevent risky situations and hazardous spots in the construction site. It can also prevent site accidents by predicting anticipated failures or break down of systems such as electrical power or HVAC issues can eliminate wastage of time and cost.
BIM Services

VEHA ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS is a specialist design engineering team in detailed engineering and project management consultancy, providing services to Oil & gas, petrochemicals, power, fertilizer, cryogenics, pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, metals & minerals, and water industries. VES is a team of young, efficient, qualified, and hardcore professionals with a broad spectrum of consultancy and industrial backgrounds.

H.NO: MIG 235, Balaji Nagar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad-500072, India.

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